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“Enlyton’s mission is to develop molecularly targeted imaging agents that will transform the effectiveness of treatments for patients with cancer. Through agents engineered to be compatible with existing healthcare infrastructure, our technology will give physicians immediate information critical to making optimal treatment decisions and maximizing the effectiveness of curative surgical interventions.”

 The Company

Enlyton was founded in 2004 by Drs. Edward W. Martin, Jr. and Mark W. Arnold from The Ohio State University (OSU), Jeffrey Bergen, and patent attorneys Sandy Mueller and Jerry Smith.  The founders of Enlyton have more than 30 years experience in basic and clinical research related to tumor markers and radiolabeled antibodies.  In 2007, Enlyton became operational and a collaboration was established between Enlyton and OSU.  In 2008 a license was established with NIH for a family of anti-TAG-72 (tumor associated glycoprotein-72) antibodies forming the backbone of Enlyton’s development portfolio.  In 2011 a license was established with ViroMed Co., Ltd. expanding Enlyton’s development portfolio and establishing our lead monoclonal antibody fragment ENL210. In 2015 a license was established with Ohio State University for the patents on our lead product ENL210 which was developed under Enlyton direction and funding.

Enlyton has built upon Dr. Martin’s original innovative thinking in regards to antigen-directed targeting of cancer.  The molecular targeting strategy envisioned by Enlyton is focused upon improving preoperative imaging, enabling intraoperative imaging and better detection of cancer during surgery, and better monitoring of the effectiveness of therapies.

OSU Relationship

The Enlyton team includes OSU faculty members from various departments including chemistry and biochemistry, engineering, pathology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and surgical oncology. An associated understanding with OSU’s Office of Technology Transfer has enabled Enlyton to forge a unique relationship with OSU. This relationship includes The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, where portions of Enlyton’s pre-clinical research and clinical trial development have been performed.