Partnering Overview

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Enlyton is drawing from the collective resource skills of its clinicians and scientists in the discovery, development, and validation of novel imaging and detection tools for diagnostic and prognostic applications in the treatment of cancer. Enlyton’s first monoclonal antibody targeting agent candidate has demonstrated promise for use in SPECT/CT imaging of multiple cancers; the patient population to be addressed is well understood; the need for better, more accurate diagnostic information is clear; and the proposed solutions offer the prospect of providing better and more cost effective patient treatment outcomes.
Privately financed, Enlyton is seeking equity capital to finance the use of this cancer-specific monoclonal antibody in a Phase I/II clinical trial for SPECT/CT imaging of cancer.

Enlyton is pursuing partnering and licensing opportunities for all of its technology at various pre-clinical and clinical testing stages as the means to finance expanded clinical trials, regulatory approval, and commercialization.